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Utkarsh Gupta

Words cannot describe this man's will to succeed and his influence on us.

Although he wasn't aware of how to achieve perfection, Utkarsh never gave up and was always motivated to leave his mark on the world.

The story of this boy from a benighted part of India is nothing less than a movie. In an era where social media is the new norm, FrutX and Daurcom were started by overcoming adversity with sheer determination and will power. Utkarsh has certainly experienced some lows in life, but only after the lowest of lows comes the highest of highs and his never back down attitude has helped him create a name for himself in a highly competitive field. 

At the age of 18, he founded Bliss Foundation, a non-governmental organization, to help the needy and that was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. As he puts it in his own words, the rest is history in the making. As he embarked on this passage, he had a vision to serve society and mentor all under the wing of Bliss.  He then started a new chapter in his life that binds everything together, called DaurCom, which is another aspiring chapter that focuses on the ‘era of connecting ideas to people’. An innovative and creative approach, the motivation that nudged him towards the betterment of the people at each step. It was also vivid that Utkarsh’s care about his people and his organizations is unmatchable. 

We all are achievements of our stories, and that certainly is the case for Utkarsh. A bright student at school with tremendous potential for theater, he was the ‘wonder’ child. His talents ranged from sports to humanities, from arts to academics; he was on a voyage to conquer every field.  His room for success is infinite but nothing in this world comes without hard work even if we have talent. Hard work is essential and Utkarsh recognized that from the beginning. His achievement on paper isn’t a correct representation of the man he has become, Words like inspiring, hard-working, determined and disciplined are some of the words that can be used to represent his nature.

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