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Pradeep Bhadora

"Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfection." If there was a quote that described him perfectly, it is this one. To the point where everything is perfect to the last detail.

Pradeep Bhadora, the co-founder of Frut X, belongs to Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh. A social activist at heart, he is also the President of Adash Manas Samiti,  a former President of Lions Clubs & M.J.F. Spiritual and religious, he is also the National Vice President & trustee of Gunayatan.

Always persevering to exceed expectations, and cater to minute details, Frut X is the sheer fruit of his hard work, dedication, and knowledge. His perseverance allowed him to work on Frut X, which was fruitful for farmers. He also envisioned teaching them the usage of modern pieces of equipment simultaneously while delivering premium quality products to the consumers. The multiple fruits and vegetables in pulp, puree and concentrate forms deliver ease to the consumers such as usage, shelf life, and variety. This vision of his has come to life and the manufacturing is undertaken successfully.

Pradeep believes that success and failure, both are integral parts of the life of a serious entrepreneur. His desire is to bring about positive change in the world around him; he derives strength from his team and the people around him. 

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