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 Shashank Bhadora

He is one of our team's most raw, talented, and outspoken members. In addition to his accolades, his ability to motivate others and perform to the highest level in a high-pressure environment is unparalleled.

Shashank walks on the treadmill of ambitions and his entrepreneurial aspirations changed Frut X norms with innovations and modern techniques.

An Alumni of BITS Pilani, he engraved his learnings into building Frut X into what it is today.  A blend of multifaceted talents makes him an asset in many economic institutions and platforms.

As a professional  Marketing Analyst, his millennial mindset and a keen eye for initiatives led him to take Frut X to another level. An example of leadership, his moral skills, and leadership are evident in the nurturing of the company. His focus is to bring forth the healthiest whole of fruits and vegetables to the community as the farmers also reap the benefits of their products simultaneously.

He yearns to be an effective, inspiring leader wherein his business style is widely appreciated. Apart from the mental imagery of a businessman’s appeal and appearance, he is a firm believer in cracking the conventions and wants to set business ideals as a prototype that entrepreneurs could embody.

His vision for tomorrow is to be a utopia, for people and places alike.

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