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Anil Bhadora

Our team's most intelligent and professional members. As a result of his unmatched eye for the market and his determination and work ethic, we have been able to achieve things we hadn't been able to accomplish before.

Anil Bhadora, from Tikamargh, holds a MA and an LLB degree from prestigious colleges in Gwalior.


Co-founder of Frut X. Under Anil's guidance, Frut X's manufacturing units grew substantially in the industry. He is very active in social circles and has a great ability to connect with people. He is also a lifelong member of the Adash Manas Samiti, which provides healthy hygienic flooding, and has been a Lion member for over 38 years. He is also a director of Dayoday Pashu Seva Jendra, a goshala in Paporaji Tikamargh, which carries out many social welfare programs for regional development.

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