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About Us

India stands proud and tall as the 2nd largest producer of fruits and vegetables, and Frut X is honored to be a prominent part of it. We not only focus on delivering unadulterated products but also focus on helping the agriculture industry as a whole, We have always put the interests of farmers over anything and have assisted farmers in gaining technical experience, and have made a mission to keep this streak of helping the countryman the best experience possible.


Frut X is a multi-variety agro-food processing unit that manufactures aseptic pulp, paste, puree, and concentrates. We focus on delivering delectable, hygienic, safe, and long-shelf-life products without adding any preservatives and killing harmful bacteria during the process.


The aseptic packaging process employed is one accomplishment that we have managed to achieve which makes us proud of ourselves. 

India is home to a fast transforming agricultural landscape that uncovers the vast potential for growth and the economy in Agro-processing. With a robust raw material base and a consumer base of over one billion people, it is ready to enter the agro-processing industry by connecting farms to the final products at our organization. The wastage of fresh horticultural produce is up to 18 percent due to poor post-harvest management practices. As little as 2 percent of perishable horticultural produce is processed into value-added products. 

Our star fruit is Tomato, which is primarily available for almost half of the year, along with Mango, Papaya, Guava, and Chili. As an aseptic pulp and paste manufacturer, we can preserve the perishable fruits & vegetables in a stable form that can be stored for 2 years. 


At Frut X, we understand the current market's demand, which inclines towards ready-to-go eat foods. Our efforts will bring forth a revolution to recreate products in diverse forms one step at a time.



Our Vision: Innovation with Impact

Our vision is to hold the ground strong as one of the key companies in fruit processing who are not only substantial in size but also have a strong presence throughout India. Our objective is to close the existing gaps in novel variety development, productivity improvement, agricultural extension services, and effective market linkage for farmers. 
After all, the farmers in India can benefit from even the smallest actions.

Fruits and Vegetables

Our Mission

Frut X aims to establish itself as a user-friendly and sustainable name in the processing industry. We are well-known for our transparent and fair activities. We aim to institute ourselves as a leader in the market in the areas of innovation and growth.

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