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Frut X Policies

Allergens Control Policy

Frut X is committed to not producing, procuring, handling or processing restricted allergens. Using a risk review mechanism, we will monitor allergens in incoming raw material. Allergens that are restricted include:

  1. Gluten-containing Cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt or their derivatives.

  2. Hybrid strains and their products

  3. Crustaceans and products thereof

  4. Eggs and their products

  5. Fish and fish products

  6. Products made from peanuts

  7. The soybean and its products

  8. Products made from milk

  9. Nuts: Almond (Amygdaluscommunis L), hazelnut (Corylusavellana), walnut (Juglansregia), cashew (Anacardium- occidentale), pecan (Caryaillinoiesis (Wangenh.) K Koch), brazil (Bertholletiaexcelsa), pistachio (Pistaciavera), macadamia and Queensland (Macadamia ternifolia) and products thereof

  10. Celery and products thereof

  11. Lupin and products thereof

  12. Molluscs and products thereof

  13. Mustard and products thereof

  14. Sesame seeds and products thereof

  15. Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

And hence we will ensure eliminating the possibility of contaminating processed products with identified allergens.


Personal Behavior Policy

We at Frut X make sure to control the Personal Behaviour in processing, packing and storage areas.
Following list of activities are prohibited:


  1. Smoking, chewing tobacco and pan-masala inside plant.

  2. Eating outside the canteen;

  3. Jewelleries except Mangalsutra;

  4. Medicines, drugs and smoking materials;

  5. Nail polish, false nails and false eyelashes;

  6. Carrying a pen/pencil behind the ears;

  7. Storage of food products anywhere in plants such as in personal lockers, almirahs, cupboards etc, store food in designated areas only.


Pesticide Residue Control Policy

We at Frut X ensure that Pesticide Residues in the raw fruits/vegetables are controlled through continuous monitoring of our suppliers and adhere to no pesticide spraying during sorting, ripening, processing and packing.

In accordance with applicable norms/customer requirements, Frut X ensures that its finished products are tested annually from external competent agencies for pesticide residue levels.


Wood Control Policy

It is Frut X’s policy to continuously monitor, control and safeguard the wooden materials used in both production and packaging in order to eliminate contamination risks.


Glass & Brittle Plastic Control Policy

We at Frut X will progressively eliminate the usage of non-essential glass and brittle plastic in the production process and packing areas. All the glass and brittle plastic used in the process areas will be provided with covers, to avoid contamination and ensure product safety.

List of essential glass and brittle plastic:

  • Wall clocks.

  • Spectacles.

  • Glass/plastic containers, beakers, flasks, burettes, pipettes, Petri plates & Glass rods.

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