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Certifications for food quality and safety

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Frut X farms  has always adhered to the terms and conditions set by the FSSAI by ensuring the utmost safety for the food in our farms. Food Safety Standard Authority of India since 2011 is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through these regulations and supervision of food safety.



We cohere by standards set for all pack houses handling and processing horticulture produce viz fresh fruits, vegetables etc., for export. When it comes to quality of produce with quarantine safety, we as exporters conform to international standards.

FSSC 22000 v 5

FSSC 22000 Version 5.1

FSSC 22000 v5 demonstrates compliance with the Scheme requirements through the organization's food safety management system.



The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognizes BRC Global Standards as a standard for organizations. As a food manufacturing organization, Frut X Farms is required to adhere to food safety, quality, and operational standards. All of our products are safe, legal, and of high quality.



Our certification demonstrates our adherence to the GLOBAL GAP standards, which are guidelines developed by the food industry, producers' organizations, governments and NGOs to codify agricultural practices at farm level for a range of commodities.



At Frut X Farms, fair trade is about providing fair prices, good working conditions, and sustainability. We have established a fair trade platform for Agro input companies to directly interact with farmers for trade - a revolution in the interest of farmers because there are no middlemen, farmers can obtain high-quality products at a fair price.



During the certification process for Tesco Nurture 10 (TN10), Frut X Farms complies with the following points:

  1. Use of proper pesticides

  2. Use of fertilizers

  3. Prevention of harmful effects on the environment

  4. Protection of health

  5. Efficient use of energy, water, and other natural resources

  6. Recycling of materials

  7. Conservation of the natural environment at the production site



Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that ensures the safety of food. The certificate is an assurance by FDA that provides information about our product's regulatory or marketing status.

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