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Chilli Paste

Green Chili Paste

Green Chili Paste is renowned for its stand-alone flavor and taste. At Frut X, the green chillis are washed together, where the stem is removed, and the chillis are cut into pieces. Furthermore, as blended, the right amount of lemon is squeezed, and salt is added for the right outcome. The paste is utilized in endless dishes with gusto. 


Green chili paste prevents the body's cancer agents and acts as janitors. It also ensures that the human body remains free from extreme harm and hinders the maturing process of cancerous cells if found. Green chilis are also apt to adjust glucose levels. 

Green Chili Paste.png
Red Chili Paste.png

Red Chili Paste

The red chili paste by Frut X is 100% unadulterated and is accessible with no added substances. The paste is utilized in various dishes to include zest and bring out the flavors for its brilliant red shades. The product is managed using current innovative machinery under expert supervision.

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