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12 Best Dishes Made with Papaya

Papaya is a delight in itself: sweet, delicious, healthy and exquisite. But, despite the popularity of the fruit and the goodness that resides within, how often have we tasted dishes made with this majestic fruit? For the majority of us, we are sure, the answer would be “not too often”, so here we are to introduce you to a whole new world of papaya delights and help you explore this wonderful fruit in more ways than one!

Here is a list of 12 mouth-watering dishes that are sure to leave you awe-stuck.

1. Singzu:

Singzu is a famous Manipuri delight, it is basically a salad made with raw papaya which is first peeled and thinly sliced and later mashed and mixed with other ingredients to make the final dish.

2. Papaya ka Halwa:

Papaya ka halwa is an Indian dessert made with raw papaya and garnished with ingredients like cardamom, cashew nuts etc. It is much like any other halwa in Indian cuisine: sweet, delicious and delightful.

3. Raw Papaya and Cabbage Stir Fry:

Raw Papaya and Cabbage Stir Fry is a popular Indian stir-fry dish. Not only is it colourful, mouth-watering and tempting but also very easy to make and super healthy!

4. Papaya Bruschetta:

Papaya Bruschetta is an appetizer made with papaya, red pepper and tomato and often served with an amazing papaya seed dressing.

5. Raw Papaya Kebab

Raw Papaya Kebab is a kabab made with grated papaya and mashed boiled potatoes. Along with the main two ingredients, aromatic spices and crispy breadcrumbs throw even more beauty into the dish.

6. Atsara:

Papaya Atsara is a pickle made with grade unripe papaya.

7. Santula:

Santula is a very popular dish in the Odia Cuisine of Eastern India. It is super healthy, with loads of vegetables and an exquisite taste!

8. Papaya Granita:

Papaya Granita is a refreshing drink made with ripe papaya and a plethora of ice. So, if you are ever looking for something to make your summers better, you know what your hands should reach out to.

9. Papaya ka Paratha:

Papaya ka paratha is much like any other Indian Paratha: made with grated papaya and loaded with all the ghee we can want!

P.S: It’s super delicious!

10. Som Tam:

Som Tam is another Thai salad made with papaya. Singzu is an adaptation of this popular delicacy.

11. Papite ke Kofte:

Papite ke Kofte is an Indian curry dish. Fried balls of papaya are made, fried deeply and put into a sweet-spicy curry. If you are looking for something to make your lunches OTT, this is your go-to thing.

12. Papaya Thorran:

Papaya Thorran is a dish made with rice and papaya, garnished with a lot of spices. i\It is super light and healthy to eat!


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