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5 uses of fruits that didn’t know about

Yeah so, we are all familiar with ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away but is that all? No, Big No! We know that fruits are good for our health. Eating them would increase our immunity and protect us from all those bad bacteria trying to barge in every second. However, fruits took upon themselves to change the world!


When artificial dyes were not known to people, they used natural pigments to dye their clothes. It is followed till now, and people use pigment-rich fruits to get their desired colours. They use blueberries for the blue colour, pomegranate for red and Avogadro skin for pink shaded.

Dying clothes is a simple process and can be done in simple two steps. Boil the fruit paste and drain the dye out. Next, dip the clothes in the fruit dye for half an hour. And, there you have it, those flowery pinks, blossomy blues, and with your savings intact! Blessing, isn’t it?


Haven’t we all heard those NaniKeNuskhe and used that papaya extract on our face just to get that morning glow? Fruits already did ample, shielding us from those infections but us greedy fellows!

Fruits can remove the dried and dead skin cells from the skin. For this, the most famous ones are oranges and tomatoes. They have high hydroxyl acidic compounds and with crystal sugar, they can take the dried part away and give the deserved glow.


How can we forget those cute little yellows staring at us from the bottom shelf of our fridge? Lemons are unavoidable when it comes to cleaning. Lemons and salt are our best friends, they together wash away the dirt from silver and copper vessels too.

This is because soaps and detergents that we use to clean today are alkaline. But acids work better when it comes to cleaning. That's why the acidic nature of the lemon plays a crucial role.


People always want to keep ants away from them and their fruits. And using costlier commercial products for killing them isn't necessary anymore.

An easy alternative is orange oil. Orange oil can kill fire ants and keep them away from those delicious savouries. This happens because the odour of the orange oil is unpleasant to ants. The odour stops them from crawling all over on our kitchen floors.

Moreover, orange oil destroys the wax coating of the ant's respiratory system and kills them. Thus, using this removes the ant problem once and for all. And don’t forget those brownie points because orange oil

  • can be easily prepared at home

  • non-toxic to humans

  • gives a pleasant scent.


Fruit pulp has nutritional values. But what about their thrown away seeds and pulp?

The fruit waste hashigh nitrogen, which is ideal for compost. They help make natural fertilizer for plants, that is compost. Fruit wastes are usually pulpy, which help to maintain the moisture level of compost.

Therefore, every time before throwing the peels and pulp away, remember to save it for that small garden in your backyard or the nearest park!

Apart from this, many commercial industries manufacturing oils, perfumes and soaps, use fruits as a primary raw material for their products for nutrients and flavours.

Do you know of any such uses? Share them with us.



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