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Agriculture and Technology: Impact of Covid

It is 2022 and it is a fast world, from making cars fly and rockets land on water. The world we live in is in a constant state of change and we being the protagonists of the earth are in a constant state of adaptation. Since the start of 2019, the world feels like it is being simulated from a start of a new pandemic to people inventing clothing apparel that was never mainstream i.e masks, We have come a long way but some might argue that as many advantages this revolutionization based on tech has it are a rich man’s cup of tea and the less wealthy have been left behind. Now I’m not the one to write for the masses or fight for the lesser majority but I do have my own opinion.

Since the start of 2017 even before the world was aware of Covid we have seen a major surplus in the demand for jobs that are digital-based. It puts emphasis on the future that most of the jobs in the next 20-30 years will be digitalized. Now how does this all affect the Agriculture industry you ask? Well, I am here to give you an idea.

IT IS believed that the rise in agriculture and farming led to the growth of civilization. But the continued spread of unsustainable agriculture could lead to the downfall of civilization as well. It is estimated that by 2050, the world’s population will be over 9 billion – almost 35% more than there is today. And there is pressure on the agri-food sector to find new and inventive ways to feed these people. Combine that with the effects of an increase in population, especially in these last two years. This has put immense pressure on farmers and the agricultural industry, in general, to produce goods to its level best. Since the start of covid farmers haven’t had it easy with their constant problems with labor and manufacturing and it is also an industry where farmers receiving a fair price for their contribution has always been an issue.

Now how does technology counter these issues and make life easier for the industry? The answer lies in the principle of technology. Technology's main purpose is to make life easy for mankind and that user principle is also carried out in the Agriculture industry. Now, the main issue is that most of the people who work in the industry are not very educated, they don’t come from a background of intellectual people, So in order to tackle this problem, a new post-graduate degree course was launched for the 2017-18 academic year. The University of Lincoln’s MSc Agri-food Technology planned on educating the new generation of farmers, innovators, technicians, and business leaders – combining the management, science, and technology needed to bring food from ‘farm-to-fork’. Fast forward to two years later when everything got digital and the ability to operate new tech became something of a necessity it was definitely a step in the right direction.

Technology is in a state where it will always be upgrading and due to its ever-changing persona, we have to be able to adapt. In these last two years we have seen a major surplus in these activities and keeping yourself up to date with the latest farming techniques is a must. In the USA farmers are constantly learning and educating themselves in order to create the best system for themselves. In India, there is no such well-maintained way to educate the less wealthy, Where there are schools there are no teachers where there are teachers there are no facilities and at the end of the day everything tracks back to how well we can adapt to the changes with time and for that Education is a must.



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