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Fruits and Symbolism

Fruits are often a symbol of abundance associated with the goddesses of fertility , plenty and the harvest.Fruit represents earthly pleasures,overindulgence and temptation. Specific kinds of fruit have acquired their own symbolic meanings in the myths and legends of different cultures .


Mango encourages us to remember and honour the happy moments of our childhood and as in our life as a way to rejuvenate the soul. This fruit signals a period of returning to our past to reconnect with friends, family and places. Mango trees are a symbol of love and happiness that possess the magical power to grant wishes.


Guava symbolizes the sign of an opportunity for life in front of your eyes. However you don't have the strength to go there and achieve everything you have always dreamed of.


The tomato symbolizes emotionality. This expression is often used as: “Being red as tomato” , shows that our sexual energy is suppressed or over-emphasized. The tomato is therefore a symbol of emotional turmoil and shyness.


A Papaya represents good health, bad health, diseases, illness, inner conflicts, inner peace and pressure in your life.If you see too many papayas in your dream and they are all juicy and good, it depicts that you are already at peace.There are many things you are doing at present and all of them are flourishing well, keeping you happy and content.


Chili is a symbol of fertility and regeneration in Mexico . Very similar to the evil eye, the good luck charm that is believed to protect its bearer from the envy and harmful event of others, is the red chili. This traditional charm is thought to prevent the hurtful gossip of envious tongue



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