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Frut X: Revolutionising the Indian Agriculture

India is a land of beauty and tradition. Known for its rich culture and heritage, this nation is a land of fertility and agriculture. The earth, traditionally known in Hindi as “bhoomi” is worshipped as a goddess and the agricultural produce is considered as her auspicious offspring. Ever since the beginning of time, India has primarily been an agrarian economy and holds the deepest pride in the produce of its land. However, despite the agricultural prowess that India possesses and the spellbinding history of the Indian agrarian sector, some realities of the sphere lead us to the darkness surrounding it.

While most of India’s crop and vegetable produce is cultivated and harvested in India, the same cannot be concluded for the fruits. India is a major importer of fruits with spendings worth upto 69.65 Million USD to about 83 countries worldwide! Even apart from the raw fruits, India remains to be a major importer of processed fruit pulp and paste from nations all around the globe. This situation has resulted in the creation of a void within this wondrous sector of a golden country. It is a matter of intense gravity as it not only results in an outflow of national capital but also undermines the values that lie within the Indian agronomical arena.

But now, Frut X as its principles has decided to fill this despondent void with their own prowess and actions. Frut X always aims to partner with Indian indegenous farmers and encourage fruit cultivation by providing them with the best of technology, equipment and support. The fruits will then be processed methodically in Frut X factories and be turned into the finest pulp/ paste. Thus, solving the evils rattling against our flourishing Indian fields, Frut X aims to revolutionise the Indian agriculture!

A fight for the Indian capital, a fight for the Indian field and a fight for the Indian people!

Frut X isn’t just a company, it's a revolution.



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