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FRUTful Journeys at Frut X

Have you ever reached for a jar of tomato sauce at the supermarket and wondered how it stays fresh and vibrant in color even after months on the shelf? Maybe you've asked yourself the same question when purchasing store-bought fruit items like mango puree. The creative packaging strategy used by FrutX holds the key to unlocking this delicious riddle! This blog will introduce you to the fascinating world of FrutX, a well-known Indian supplier of fruit concentrates, pastes, and pulps. We will delve into the intricacies of their aseptic packaging technology, an innovative method that guarantees the excellence and novelty of their offerings, ranging from succulent tomato puree to intriguing mango pulp.

Welcome to the world of FrutX, where creativity and quality are realized! We take great satisfaction in making sure that even after they leave the farm, our mouthwatering tomato, mango, papaya, chilli, guava and tamarind paste, puree, and crush are still packed full of freshness!

But have you ever wondered how we achieve this magic? The secret lies in FrutX's revolutionary aseptic packaging technology!

Magic at FrutX is Aseptic Packaging

In contrast to conventional packaging, FrutX's aseptic packaging preserves the food' vital nutrients, and vivid color while warding off dangerous microorganisms. We are able to pack each product, whether it be FrutX Tomato Paste, or even our Keshar Mango Pulp and Guava pulp, at the optimal freshness level thanks to our cutting edge technology.

Here's a more detailed look behind the curtain of our aseptic packaging process:

  • Sterilization is Key: This two-pronged approach ensures a completely sterile environment for your FrutX products. On a sterile stage (the sterile chamber), we carry out our meticulously practiced routine , making sure that no trespassers can interrupt and ruin the festivities. FrutX is known for its high quality and long shelf life, which are ensured by its thorough approach.

  • Product Sterilization: To eradicate dangerous microorganisms from the fruit pulp, concentrate, or puree, we employ cutting-edge methods such as Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) treatment. Microorganisms are eliminated by this quick heating method without affecting the product's color, or nutrition.

  • Packing Sterilization: An additional sterilization procedure is applied to the packing material, which is usually aseptic bags or pouches constructed of several layers for strength and sterility. To make sure no pollutants are hiding inside, this may entail exposure to hydrogen peroxide mist or intense UV radiation.

  • Aseptic Union: Under a sterile, controlled environment, the sterilised product is carefully placed into the sterilised packaging. This sterile environment keeps your FrutX Tomato Paste and other product fresh and safe for extended periods of time by preventing the reintroduction of bacteria.

The FrutX Advantage: Freshness without Compromise

Aseptic packaging allows FrutX products to have a two-year shelf life without the need for additional preservatives. One such product is Tomato Paste, which is sold in India and shipped worldwide. This enables us to supply companies all around the world with the freshest, best-quality ingredients, enabling them to produce mouthwatering and nourishing goods for you.

FrutX: Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Fruit Products

As a leading Indian company exporting pulp and paste (including aseptic options!), FrutX offers a wide range of products, including:

  • Tomato Products: FrutX Tomato Paste and Tomato Puree

  • Mango Products: Keshar Mango Pulp, Alphonso Mango Pulp, Totapuri Mango Pulp, Keshar Mango Concentrate, Alphonso Mango ConcentrateTotapuri Mango Concentrate

  • Guava Products: White Guava Pulp and Pink Guava Pulp

  • Papaya Products: Papaya Pulp and Papaya Concentrate

  • Chilli products: Red Chilli paste and Green Chilli paste

  • Tamarind Product: Tamarind paste

FrutX: Beyond Freshness

At FrutX, we're committed to providing you with the best. Here are some additional terms you might encounter on our journey together:

  • AMP, TMP, TMC, WGP, TP, RPC, CV, Brix: These are industry-specific terms related to fruit pulp and paste processing. We'd be happy to explain them in detail upon request.

  • RTE: Ready to Eat – Our products are perfect for creating delicious and nutritious dishes.

  • Horeca: This refers to the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering industry – a major sector we cater to.

  • Shelf Life: The duration our products remain fresh (thanks to aseptic packaging!).

  • Backward Integration: We source our fruits directly from the farms, ensuring the highest quality.

  • Specs: Specific characteristics of our products, like brix (sugar content) and processing methods (cold break vs. hot break).

  • Exports: We proudly export our products like FrutX Paste (both Tomato and Fruit Paste) to countries around the world.


Explore the world of FrutX and discover the impact that aseptic packing may have. FrutX offers the purest form of nature in every package, from farm-fresh tomatoes to colorful mango pulp and etc.

FrutX is the ideal partner whether you're a home cook searching for premium, shelf-stable ingredients or a food company looking for a trustworthy source. We're here to support you in creating mouthwatering and nourishing experiences with our dedication to innovation and excellence. So come along on the FrutX journey with us and enjoy the consistently fresh flavor!



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