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What is Aseptic Packaging?

Aseptic packaging is an advanced manufacturing technique in which food or other contents are sterilized separately from the packaging. Afterwards, the contents are packed into the containers in a sterile environment under high temperatures. This process secures the freshness of the contents while ensuring that it is not contaminated by microorganisms.

The history of Aseptic Packaging

Aseptic packaging as a food packaging system was first developed in Europe in cooperation with the World Health Organization to provide beverages such as milk and water safely and securely to people involved in disasters. It was later introduced to the United States in the early 1980's and gained exceptional popularity owing to its convenience, security and simplicity in storage.

Why choose Aseptic Packaging?

Aseptic packaging is one of the most sustainable and sanitary procedures for production and manufacturing in today’s progressive times. The reasons for FrutX opting this process of production are multifarious:

  • Consumer Safety: The process ensures that the contents are safe from harmful bacteria

  • Energy Efficient: The stages of heating and sterilization are energy efficient and manufacture much more while consuming much less

  • Nutritional Balance: Unlike a plethora of manufacturing processes, the nutrients of the content do not get lost during the procedure of Aseptic Packaging.

Shelf Stability at ambient temperatures: This process allows manufacturers to store and ship products without the requirement of refrigeration, at the same time, keeping the contents pure.


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