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The need for sustainability

India wastes up to 16% of its agricultural produce every year, where especially squandering of fruits and vegetables is present in abundance. While India abundantly suffers from issues like poverty, malnourishment, hunger and starvation, conversely, India’s huge amount of produce remains unused every year. Due to the lack of production and storage infrastructures in the country, the facilities are never sufficient and compatible to the produce. As a result of which, the perishable produce is soiled in a soil with a plethora of famishing lives. This situation calls for a serious need of sustainable infrastructure with technological advancement and secure facilities. If this situation persists for a longer period of time, speculations reveal that India might be a colossal squanderer of food in the world

How FrutX ensures sustainability

With the help of technologically advanced mechanisms and new generation production units and factories, FrutX aims to reduce the food wastage that the country has been observing. With a state of the art plant equipped with high automation, FrutX is here to change the way the produce is manufactured, stored and sold. With a combination of machines built to produce while ensuring minimal wastage and methodically advanced units of aseptic packaging help secure the earth’s produce for a much longer period of time. Additionally, large the storage units perform wonders and make FrutX the much required rescuer of our nation’s sustainability.


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