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History of Guavas

Guava originated in the tropical regions of America and later improvised in character by domestication in the West Indies. Eventually, during the beginning of the 16th century, guava went on its exploration of the Pacific till the Philippines and later came to the Indian subcontinent. Apart from the traditional guava fruit, peculiar and interesting varieties of guava also started growing in regions like Mexico and North Florida.

Gradually, the cultivation and domestication of guava were spread throughout the world taking from Asia to the Americas and it widely gained popularity among all the regions. It is especially abundant in the Vanuatu islands with its uncontrolled guava growth. Apart from that, the tropical regions throughout the world are well flourished with guava cultivation.

So, this dynamic fruit has a history as rich as its taste, a beautiful journey, a noble exploration and centuries of improvisation that has made guava how we see it today.


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