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Mysteries solved: Find the proper way to clean the Fruits and Vegetables

Scared that you don't wash the nutrients off your fruity friends? Worried that you don't gulp in germs with those leafy chums? Then here we are busting the myths around washing your trusted source of nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables are handled by several people before it reaches your kitchen. No, we don’t mean to scare you away!

So, should fruits and vegetables be washed immediately once bought from the store and then refrigerated?

Let's say yes, but really no! An important thing is that if one is about to have fruits and veggies immediately, they should be cleaned under running water. But, if you decide to store those tangy twists in the fridge for later use, you can rather sip a cup of coffee and wash them later!

Here's Why

Too much moisture creates conditions for bacterial growth and who wants them in their bowls? So, they must be stored in the fridge and washed before you want to eat them.

Yeah, so you hear us, but not yet convinced?

Some people fancy storing them only after a wash. So go ahead, but just make sure the groceries are well dried before they are shoved into the fridge.

There is no need to wash the peeled ones.

If the fruit skin will get peeled eventually, why waste precious resources on it?

But the essence is to wash the peel, ergo, while peeling the skin, the bacteria on the surface does not enter the flesh.

Using vegetable brushes will wash away the nutrition.

That’s partly true, but, vegetable brushes remove dirt from pores of roots like carrot, radish and turnips. Thus, they remove only the dirt and do not give you a chance to complain. Perhaps, fruits as tomato and mango come with a handle with care remark and a gentle rub with bare hands sounds perfect.

Use commercial washes like bleach to clean the fruits and vegetables?

No, big no. Commercials portray disinfectant washes and sprays as our sole saviour to keep fruits and vegetables clean during the pandemic. But don’t fall for it! There is more harm than good in using these products! They can impose severe health damage and there is no significant evidence that coronavirus spreads through veggies.

Confused and tired of surfing articles people often resort to products like soap, vinegar, lemon juice, and turmeric for cleaning. Save it for those tangy curries or those expensive tile cleaning solutions! These neither remove dirt nor clean it.

So, what should you do?

First and foremost, wash your hands.

Then wash the cleaning vessels.

Now wash the fruits and vegetables in running tap water.

Use a clean towel to pat dry them. In the case of leaves, lay them plain on cloth and allow them to dry.

Then store them in your refrigerator, but, only after having some (you deserve a little nutrition after that hard day’s work).

Stay tuned for more such content!


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