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Obstacles to tomato cultivation in India of tomato

Tomato is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. India, itself is one of the biggest producers of tomatoes, if we look globally. It is an important source of vitamins and an important cash crop for farmers who are not very wealthy.

However, the importance of this fruit has not made its cultivation easier for farmers. Farmers face numerous problems during the cultivation of tomatoes.

Mainly, it has been noticed that tomato weed, tomato frost, and transportation-related problems are the central problems when it comes to tomato cultivation. Other problems like those in tomato marketing are low price, lack of storage facilities.

Some fruits manifest physiological disorders as well. So do tomatoes, some of them include:

Blossom end rot: A physiological disease seen in tomatoes, is caused by calcium deficiency. A water-soaked spot near the blossom end of the fruit and surface of the spot becomes dark, leathery, and large in this condition.

Fruit cracking: When there is irregular water uptake, high and fluctuating temperature and standing water on the fruit surface fruit cracking can be seen

Sunscald or commonly known as sunburn; occurs when the fruit is exposed to too much sun.

Internal white tissue: External visual symptoms are absent in this disorder. The condition manifests when a ripe tomato is cut revealing white and hard areas on the vascular region.

The major constraints in the cultivation of tomatoes are:

  1. High cost of high yielding varieties

  2. High cost of fertilizers and chemicals

  3. Lack of knowledge of disease-resistant varieties

  4. Lack of knowledge about proper application methods of chemical fertilizers

  5. Lower price at harvesting time

  6. Unavailability of fertilizers in the local market at the time of sowing

  7. The minimum support price is not fixed by the government

  8. Lack of knowledge of seed treatment

  9. Lack of knowledge and skills about the proper method of tomato production

As we talked about above, India is one of the leading producers of tomatoes. Farmers need incentives in many areas for proper tomato cultivation and to make it profitable for themselves as well.



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