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Our Fruity Memories

We all remember growing up around fruits. And we all have a gazillion little memories resting in peaceful places inside our minds, beautiful little memories, our memories filled with fruits. Climbing onto the top of trees or pulling fruits down with our long long sticks, slashing branches with small big stones or using our tiny hands to pick. Those were the days that reside in our minds, that are embedded in our souls, the fragrances often taking us back there- into the land of nostalgia and under our favourite shady tree. Oh! How we miss that big old mango tree that gave us our sweetest smallest best friends once every year, or how we fought for eating the best guava or the juiciest pear. Venturing around will friends all day, sitting under shades and sipping our minute maids isn’t that where our summers were made?. Fruits often take us back to the times we left behind, it’s gloomy how we cannot go back again despite the longing in our heart. But what we can do is stay here, take a moment in time and remember the days of frolic. With a smile on our lips and pulp on our fingers, let’s remember those adventures.



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