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Potential of Frut X Tomato Paste and Puree for B2B Innovation


The humble tomato, a vibrant symbol of culinary versatility, takes center stage in the world of B2B food and beverage innovation. In India, tomato paste has long been a hero, adding depth and richness to countless dishes. But Frut X Industries India, a leading exporter of aseptic fruit pulps and pastes, is rewriting the narrative. With their high-quality FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree, FrutX unlocks a world of exciting possibilities for B2B companies, offering a spectrum of color options, the benefits of aseptic processing, and endless opportunities to create delicious and innovative products. It's time to move beyond the ketchup aisle and explore the FRUTful potential of FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree.

Tomato paste has been a mainstay of business-to-business (B2B) food and beverage innovation in India for many years. Its adaptability and usefulness have made it a mainstay in kitchens all throughout the nation, whether they are preparing rich pasta sauces or colorful curries.

Beyond the Red: High Color vs. Low Color

There is no one-size-fits-all answer provided by Frut X. We are aware that B2B businesses have different requirements. We provide both High Color and Low Color Tomato Paste and Puree because of this. With its vivid red hue, our High Color Tomato Paste is ideal for uses where eye appeal is crucial, such as making a traditional red sauce for RTE dinners or restaurant signature dishes like Horeca.

Low Color Tomato Paste, on the other hand, has a softer color profile and is perfect for applications that call for a more neutral base. It's ideal for applications such as delicate sauces, creamy tomato bisques, and even surprising ones like baked goods, where the addition of tomato lends a savory depth without overpowering the flavor character.

The Power of Aseptic: Unlocking Efficiency and Safety

Frut X is proud of its dedication to the advancement of aseptic processing technologies. By using this inno technique, we can guarantee the security and longer shelf life of our tomato paste and puree, doing away with the need for preservatives. For B2B businesses, this translates to a number of advantages:

  • Extended Shelf Life: Aseptic packaging minimizes the need for refrigeration and streamlines logistics by enabling storage at room temperature (precise shelf life information can be provided upon request).

  • Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Applications: Because our aseptic tomato paste and puree are ready to use right away, B2B businesses can save a significant amount of time and money on production.

  • Consistent Quality: Aseptic processing combined with strict quality control methods from FrutX ensures consistent product quality in every batch. This gets rid of variances and guarantees a consistent flavor profile for your B2B product range.

B2B Innovation: A World of Flavorful Possibilities

Beyond just simple components, Frut X Tomato Paste and Puree serve as catalysts for innovative ideas amongst businesses. Here are a few concepts to get you started on your next creative culinary creation:

  • Savory Sauces and Condiments: Use FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree to create tasty dips, marinades, and creative ketchup variations. Imagine sun-dried tomato pesto that bursts with Mediterranean flavor, or a smokey chipotle ketchup produced with a blend of High Color Tomato Paste and smoked paprika.

  • Soup and Bisque Creations: FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree's deep depth will enhance your soup offerings. Make rich lentil soups with a hint of tomato tang, creamy tomato bisques, or experiment with other ethnic cuisines by using Low Color Tomato Paste to make a Thai-inspired curry.

  • Horeca Applications: Your restaurant's customers will be impressed by your visually appealing and delicious food. Make colorful, trademark sauces for pasta meals or a rich tomato reduction for grilled meats using High Color Tomato Paste.

  • Baby Food and RTE Meals: Ready-to-eat meals or nutritious baby food options can be made with FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree. Tomatoes are perfect for these delicate applications because of their inherent sweetness and lack of preservatives.

Beyond the Basics: Customization and Expertise

Frut X is aware that B2B businesses have unique requirements. Our dedication to "backward integration" guarantees total control over the supply chain and the highest caliber standards all along the way. To satisfy your unique product needs (specs), we can customize processing methods (cold break or hot break) and offer a range of Brix levels (e.g., 36 Brix or 28 Brix). Additionally, you may use FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree to create creative and delectable products with the technical expertise and support of our team of food scientists.


As the Indian tomato paste industry marches forward, Frut X Industries India stands as a beacon of innovation. Our unwavering commitment to quality, the magic of aseptic processing, and a collaborative approach to B2B partnerships empower you to push the boundaries of flavor creation. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with FrutX Tomato Paste and Puree. Contact us today and unlock a world of FRUTful possibilities. Together, let's transform the B2B landscape, one delicious and innovative tomato-inspired creation at a time!



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