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Pulp and Paste producing industries in India

Fruit pulp & paste are the most basic product created by the processing of fresh fruit. It contains both the juice and the pulp, which is the stringy fibre that is often removed from fruit juice.

Fruit pulps & paste can be processed and stored for long periods without losing their colour, flavour or texture. They are used in a huge range of applications including gelato, fruit flavoured yoghurt, jelly, fruit drinks, jams, lollies and even speciality beer brewing.

Fruit Pulp is a processed fruit product used in the making of many foods, beverages and other products.

India ranks second in the export and production of fruits and vegetables. Production of fruit pulp needs withdrawal of juice with the crushing of skins/membrane of the fruit which encompasses the juice and then processing it to make it a thick paste. Fruit Pulps holds most of the nutrients of fruit and are thus favoured over others in various food and beverages.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) is a ministry of the Government of India that is responsible for the formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to food processing in India.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has released a definition for carbonated fruit beverages. It has notified those beverages with fruit crush quantity below 10% but not but 5%, and 2.5% just in case of lime or lemon, should be called carbonated beverages with fruit juice. Fruit juice and beverages generally comprise naturally extracted juices, drinks, ready to serve (RTS) beverages, nectars, squashes, cordials and appetizers etc. Fruit juice is the natural liquid expressed by pressure or other mechanical means from the edible portion of the fruit

Pulp obtained from fruits is generally used for manufacturing products such as fruit-based jams, marmaladed, jellies, sweets, beverages, and flavouring agents. It is also widely used as a flavouring agent for various bakery, snacks, milk, juice, dairy product, and beverage industry.

There has been a rise in the consumption of fruit pulp because of the shift of preference of consumers towards healthy and hearty eating habits. Consumers always prefer food products that are near to nature and prepared using organic raw materials instead of artificial flavouring.

The fruit juice industry has made good progress in India. According to trade sources, the total market for fruit drinks & nectars has reportedly shown a growth rate of 10 -15% per annum in the past.

The Indian market for fruit juices has reported annual growth of 25-30%. The new sector which has potential to be explored is a combination of various products like fruit and milk combination, fruit-yoghurt drinks that are more natural & nutritious drinks.



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