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Pulp, Paste and Lifestyle!

From breakfast in the morning to snacking in the eve, from lunchtime in the noon to dinnertime in the night, in some form or another, fruit pulp and paste, always enhance our taste.

We often look through the fact that fruit pulp and paste are a very integral part of our meals. A plethora of dishes and drinks that we so dearly consume are often enriched with the pulp or paste of organic luscious fruits. From our morning juices to our evening smoothies, from our lunchtime Rajma to our dinnertime delights, for enchanting taste, we always turn to pulp and paste. All around the globe, quality fruit products are always high in demand, products ranging from packaged juices to sauces to syrups are consumed largely world around and are deeply incorporated in everybody’s day-to-day lifestyles.

These products, produced by small and large units, often use fruit pulp/ paste to create the wonder for which the world awaits. Similarly, in the beautiful cuisine of our homeland India, the paste of a plethora of fruits are used to make many famous, beloved dishes, e.g., ‘Aamras’ a dish majorly consumed in Western India is made the paste of ripe mangoes, similarly, in the East, ‘Khatta’, a type of thick sauce uses tomato paste as its main ingredient. Thus, this small world of pulp and paste has given us a gazillion legendary tastes.


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