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Pulp, Paste and Purity

FrutX produces its pulp and paste with utmost precaution at all the stages, and all with an aim to provide a product full of purity and goodness.

The growth of the fruits and vegetables are completely taken care of ever since the first of its bloom. Right from the beginning of the production procedures, every step is regulated and perfected in order to provide the purest pulp and paste at the end. During the first stage, the produce is gently procured by our huge family of partner farmers, using combined techniques containing values of indigeneity as well as advancement. The farmers are provided with the best resources to ensure that the quality of our products remain the best and uncompromised under any circumstances. With our family of farmers, the production procurement procedures are successfully accomplished with monitored management and quality checks.

Further moving onto the other stages of production, the raw materials are then manufactured into processing units built in order to minimise the contact of a human to the food that is to be consumed by our customers. The manufacturing units are highly automated and technologically advanced, following all norms of hygiene and keeping the food nutrients intact. With a state-of-the art plant equipped with high automation, FrutX aims to change the way produce is sold. Without human touch and purity preservation mechanisms, FrutX gives to its consumers, a pulp and paste that is perfect and pure!



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