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The Chilli Surprise

Chillies are used in making a large variety of sauces, dips and chutneys, there's a chilli dip for every dish! We often come across a variety of these dips taking from the super spicy ones to the sweet hot classy ones. A chilli is a magnificently super fruit that is strong yet versatile. So, here in this blog is a list of some of our popular favourite dips and sauces made with chilli!

Word of advice: If you haven’t tried any of these, then you must do so soon!

Sweet Chilli Sauce

It is a sauce made by perfectly using hot chillies, fresh ginger, garlic and any ingredient with mild sweetness. This sauce has a characteristic sweet-sour taste.

Chilli Chutney

Chilli Chutney is an Indian dip made with green or red chillies and eaten with a variety of dishes. This also has some other spices and condiments as it’s ingredients.

Chiu Chow Chili Sauce

It is made with loads of chillies and garlic. This sauce, also known as Chao Zhou sauce, is believed to be one of the tastiest chillies dips in the world.

Keto Sweet Chilli Sauce

Keto sweet chilli sauce tastes like the original sweet chilli sauce but has much low carb count due to the usage of healthier sweet substitutes. This is a great dip for health-freaks!

Sweet Dried Chilli Sauce

This sauce also has a characteristic sweet-sour taste but has a very unique texture and powerful flavours


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