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The Guava Guilt

We all love guava as a fruit, raw or ripe, guava is always a hype. With its wonderful characteristic sweet flavour, it is always a delight to eat. But, apart from being an exceptional fruit in itself, it is also a versatile element in many delicious dishes. Here are some of those Indian dishes for you to try and devour.

Guava Halwa

A halwa is a sweet dish made with milk, sugar and ghee on any one main element. A guava halwa has ripe guava as its basic component.

Guava Thandai

A thandai is a sweet Indian drink which has a thick consistency. It is made with milk and various flavourful ingredients. Guava Thandai is a basic thandai with ripe guava infused in the drink.

Guava Chutney

Guava Chutney is a type of guava paste often eaten with meals or snacks. It can be made with both raw or ripe guava and has a sweet-tangy flavour in it.

Guava Cheese

Guava cheese is an Indian sweet-dish. It is like a fudge and made with ripe guava.

Amrood ki Sabzi

Amrood ki sabzi is a dish prepared with raw guavas and spices. It has a curry base and it often eaten with a chapati (Indian bread).

Filipino Sinigang Soup

It is a soup or a stew that originated in the Philippines but is highly popular in India. It has a sour and savoury characteristic taste. It is delicious and has a lot of health benefits attached to it as well.



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