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Tomato is one of the main vegetation of our country and is popularly consumed in almost all parts of India making it a highly demanded crop. Tomatoes grow in major quantities in various parts of India but the maximum tomatoes are produced in Andhra Pradesh making it the second-largest producer in the world. Andhra Pradesh produces a percentage of 13.9 in India and the major producing areas are Kurnool, Chittoor, Visakhapatnam, and Prakasam districts.

The main reason for the production of tomatoes in this region is the climate. The climate of Andhra Pradesh is extremely favorable for tomato production. Tomato also gives huge profit margins to the region due to being easily produced in the area in a natural setting without any artificial methods.

The farmers are now trying different methods to even cultivate more vegetables as the area majorly depends on tomatoes as the prices of tomatoes keep fluctuating and thus affect the people in serious ways. The yield of tomatoes is not sure to be fruitful and that is the reason it is considered a risky business at times. If the rainfall is good, all farmers produce tomatoes and if it’s not the yield severely gets affected and most farmers in the area depend solely on rain for water.

It’s no secret that the situations and weather conditions of the state make it a natural home for the tomato crop but due to its uncertainty and dependence on this weather solely now the farmers are starting to grow other crops to make more profits. Though Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are also large producers of the crop but Andhra Pradesh even after the discrepancy continues to be the biggest hero in the tomato market and plans to stay at the top for the good.


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