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The Imaginative Field Tour

Bind your imagination and gear up your senses for we are about to begin an imaginative tour of a typical Frut X Farmland!

Far from the city, within the hinterlands, based are these beautiful farmlands. They stand spreading, with glory of India, whiffs of tradition, beauty of nature and strength from invention. First we enter the luscious green fields of plants, meadows and shrubs, extending their allure to the end of the holdings. Acres of field lay with vigour, prosper and perfection, getting ready for the Frut X inspection. On this lusciousness sits the ripe fruit bunches- colourful and bright, it's love at first sight! These magnificent meadows bear the splendidness of the earth and the pride of Frut X- the flawless fruit produced with security and excellence. At the end of the tour, we leave behind the magnificence of nature and wait, wait for the fruits to be plucked and packed and reach the Frut X factories.



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