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The Tomato Town

Tomato is our tangy friend, one of the compatible fruits ever to be. Tomato is used as an ingredient in a lot of dishes, but how often have we eaten something where tomato isn’t the side actor, but the leading hero itself? Not too often, ain’t it? But, who wouldn’t love a dish made solely with our tangy friend? We all definitely would!

So, here we are to take you to The Tomato Town! Presenting below, top 5 Indian dishes made with Tomato that are sure to make you want more!

Tomato rice

It a typical South Indian dish made with tomatoes and some spices.

Andhra Tomato Pickle

With the goodness of red tomatoes tamarind and some Indian spices it is sun dried for some days and served.

Tomato Chutney

Simple and ready to eat with dosa, idlib or uttapam.

Tomato Bath Rice

This delicious dish is made with tomatoes and some other vegetables and spices. Can also be made with leftover rice.

Tomato Rasam

A must have South Indian dish. Tastes absolutely delicious with rice.


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