Guava Pulp

White Guava Pulp

Frut X extracts fresh White Guava Pulp from new, mature, hand-picked white guava fruits. This fruit originated in Central America yet. In India, White guavas are primarily produced in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh.

Frut X, one of the largest white guava pulp manufacturers in India, sterilizes the produce to maintain the fresh flavor of the fruit since only high-quality guava fruits are utilized in the production.

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Pink Guava Pulp.png

Pink Guava Pulp


Frut X manufactures aseptic Pink guava pulp from high-quality pink guava fruits. On reaching our factory, guava’s are inspected and are put into the conveyor belt for sorting and processing. They are washed with fresh and water disinfectant to remove dust. The pulp is passed through magnetic traps and metal detectors to remove foreign matter. It is further sterilized to make the pulp-free from pathogens and other microorganisms. The pulp is packed in aseptic bags in MS drums with a poly-liner bag inside. Our professional team continually monitors the process to ensure high-quality products are delivered.