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Papaya Pulp

The papaya pulp is passed through a decanter for specks removal. To produce papaya puree concentrate, the product is passed through the evaporator to remove the water content from the papaya pulp. The papaya concentrate is stored in aseptic bags in MS drums and stored in cold storage houses.

Papaya Pulp


Papaya Concentrate

As the raw papaya reaches our factory, firstly quality check is undertaken to remove injured or spoilt papayas. The papayas are unloaded into the crates, are placed in the ripening chamber, where the ripening process is taken naturally. The focus is on maintaining the freshness and natural flavors of the red papaya puree concentrate. Papayas fruit undergoes 2 stages of washing. First, it is washed with fresh water at 20-50 ppm and then with chlorinated water at 70 Deg Celcius. The papayas are further sliced and sent to the destoner machinery, crushing the fruit to produce red papaya pulp. The product is preheated at 65 degrees - 70 degrees Celsius and passes a decanter to remove specks. The pulp passes through the evaporator to extract red papaya concentrate to remove the water content through a vacuum process. Eventually, the concentrate is passed through a magnetic trap and metal detector to remove a fleck of dust particles. The final product is packed in aseptic bags in MS drums and stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse.

Papaya Concentrate  ​
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