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 Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste 

Aseptic tomato paste is manufactured from hand-picked, fresh, mature, and ripened tomatoes. The tomatoes are sorted out on reaching our processing facility, wherein rotten and spoiled fruits are removed. The tomatoes are unloaded, filled in the crates, and the sorted tomatoes are sent to the ripening chamber for the ripening process. 


The ripening process does not involve an artificial technique to maintain fresh flavors. They are then washed with chlorinated and freshwater to remove dust particles. The destoner machinery separates the peels, seeds and pushes them through a waste screw conveyor. The pulp collection tank is used to collect the pulp and then preheated at 85-90 degrees Celcius to inactivate microorganisms. The tomato puree then passes through the evaporator to remove the water content from the pulp through a vacuum process. The paste passes through a magnetic trap, online strainer, and metal detector to eliminate foreign matter. As a result, the tomato paste is packed in aseptic bags and stored at a temperature-controlled warehouse.

               Sr.No              Physiochemical Parameter                 Specification

               1                       TSS['Brix] @ 20'C In Refractometer              28-30 Brix'

               2                       Consistency - cm/30 @ 20' C in 12' Bx         3.0 - 6.0​

               3                       Colour[ Hunter Lab, a/b Ratio @ 12' Brix     1.80 - 2.20



Tomato Puree


Frut X manufactures and exports fresh tomato puree at competitive prices. The puree is filled with scintillating flavor, enhancing the taste of various dishes and cooking techniques. 

It is widely known that the superior quality of canned tomato puree makes cooking easy and enjoyable. It evades the need to cut, blanch, chop, and do other tedious routines in the kitchen. The puree is the product of using firm, mature and ripe tomatoes. For perfect tomato puree, heating the puree at the right temperature and grounding it to perfection is the key. 

​           Sr.No              Physiochemical Parameter                 Specification

               1                    Brix                                                               12-14 Brix   


               2                    Consistency - Bostwick, cm/30         3 to 7

                                     sec.@ 25' C @ 12.5' B       

               3                   Colour Value(a/b Ratio)                         1.80 - 2.20

 Tomato Puree
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