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Being in the agriculture industry, a business is in a constant state of worry regarding the state and the life of its produce. A business in perishable products is a high-risk job, but when put to use intelligently, it can yield great results.



Right from the commencement of our processing, the fruit is gently cared for by the farmers who are benefited from working with us. It is later machine-packed with utmost safety and hygiene avoiding human contact.


Frut X

Our Products

Puree and Paste



Pulp and Concentrate

Pulp and Concentrate




Our Farmers

At Frut X, Our Farmers are Our Partners. We reverently believe in the sustainability and the parity of farmers' families associated with us and have their best interest at heart.

Our farmers are guaranteed a centralized market for the sale of their products at lucrative prices. The fruits are nourished with love and mothered since their first bloom.

We have assisted the farmers to reduce their cost of production and their labour requirement, thus, narrowing down their prime cost. We ensure that farmers do not wave goodbye to any money or hope due to the uncertainty of the market.

Tomatoes - Frut X

Frut X is a family of happy farmers who are furnished with quality seeds and manure to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality of the produce. The farmers have a voice in the entire process and diligently choose what affects them.




For us, Frut X is more than a business. It’s the life we envision to provide our farmers, who are the foundation of our company.

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Watering Plants
Manufacturing Unit

Our Manufacturing Unit

At Frut X, we have tried to minimize human-contact, manufacturing top-notch quality products. Our manufacturing plant is mostly automated, which keeps your hygiene rules intact.


What makes us the finest and most reliable?


  • Cost-Effective

  • More Productive

  • 100 % Hygienic

With a state of the art plant equipped with high automation, Frut X is here to change the way the product is made. 

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